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I am a widowed Air Force Veteran who lost his wife to a chemo drug that attacked her liver and kidneys. After her passing, her social security stopped and I have had to pay debts without help. Am low on food and do not have much money to spare due to debt left behind when she passed. Any amount donated would be so very appreciated. I have exhausted all retirement money and need help to try to get out of debt. In addition, retirement funds were heavily taxed by IRS when trying to get myself out of debt. I cannot afford getting loans to help without going further in debt. I was also catfished and scammed out of funds along with identity theft. I will be 69 years old in April and because of my age, having trouble finding a part-time job. I am an Air Force that received no disability from the VA because I never had an injury or disability while serving my country. This is my last resort to get some help with needed funds. After always working hard all my life, it’s hard to humble myself to ask for help from anyone. In addition, my fiance flew to help her sick aunt and had her purse stolen, and I do not have money to get her an airplane ticket to fly back. It’s hard for me to believe that there is no help provided by the government to help the elderly and senior citizens. I am really struggling and need a small amount of help.


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