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On January 14th (My birthday) My service dog Oakley got her right eye tore open to the point she needed emergency surgery to repair the eye. It was a costly procedure due to where the slice was. It was right where her glad that keeps the eye moist meets with the eye. If it is not healed properly, it will cause her to have permanent eye damage and eye drops for the rest of her life.  She was kept overnight for an emergency surgery and was sent home with 4 meds that must be given multiple times a day. They will also have to sedate her again to remove the current stitches and potentially perform another small procedure in order to make sure the eye is lined up evenly. If it does not line up she will suffer from a dry eye and eventually eye damage. That will require daily eye drops and meds for the eye. I am a single mom who has not been able to work since this incident due to the fact she cannot be left alone. I am embarrassed to even ask for help as I realize I should of had an emergency fund for these kinds of things. I have also started to look into different pet insurances in order to help if something like this happens in the future.

She accidently got pregnant in 2021 and had 7 healthy pups on the last day of 2021. All of the pups went to homes of people we know. I also kept one of her pups named Alpine. These dogs have truly saved me.

Oakley and her son Alpine

Doesnt look as bad in this picture


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