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On February 25, 2021; 15 year old Noah Denton was diagnosed with a rare bone cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. As you can imagine, this diagnosis was stunning to his family and friends and the journey is already overwhelming. The amount of chemotherapy, treatments, surgery, and hospital stays required to beat this cancer will span over a year long and reach amounts over $1Million. They will also have additional costs on top of the medical expenses that will be required to help Noah such as special dietary needs, alternative supplements, counseling, specific hygiene products, PPE and much more. 

As small business owners, the Denton Family does not have standard medical insurance but instead, participate in a medical cost sharing program that will only cover some of these expenses. It is our hope that we can help alleviate just a little bit of this enormous financial burden from the Denton Family as they focus on fighting for Noah’s life!

Many people have lovingly asked how they can help provide meals for the Denton Family during this time. While the offer is incredibly kind, Noah’s diet is being restricted in many ways and their family, as a show of solidarity and support, have decided to join him in his diet. So unfortunately, they are unable to accept food at this time. We are asking, in lieu of meals being prepared and offered, that you would contribute financially towards their grocery bill and special catering expenses that will be necessary to meet Noah’s nutritional needs.

The Denton Family has always been incredibly generous to help meet the needs of others and it’s our turn to pay it back by helping them in their time of need. We are also asking, in addition to your financial support, for your prayers. Our hope and trust is in Jesus and we know and believe with full confidence that God has an amazing plan for Noah and his family. We ask you to join us in praying for Noah’s healing and provision for the Denton Family.


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