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Hello, and greetings; thank you for taking the time to read this post: My name is Shareen. I am organizing this fundraiser on behalf of my mother, Nita DeRyan. My warrior goddess of a mother is currently going through neuroendocrine cancer that has metastasized to the liver. This is now her third cancer, and it is stage four. Ten years ago, she survived breast cancer after enduring a year of harsh chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Now she has this rare neuroendocrine cancer that has limited options for treatment. The medical treatment we are doing costs around $10,000 a week out of pocket and her premium insurance does not cover the cost. She will have to do ongoing treatment for at least 2 months, maybe longer. She is a small business owner who does not have the means to cover ongoing treatment. I am reaching out in hopes that we can raise funds to help pay for her treatment. She is vibrant, energetic, kind-hearted, optimistic, and a beacon of light for me and many others.  She also is a healthy, active individual, a fighter, and is determined to do what needs to be done.  I believe in the power of people and community to help support each other. Any financial support will be a tremendous help if this resonates with you. If, for any reason, there are funds that go beyond our need, they will be returned to the donor or can be sent to a charity at your request.   I appreciate your time and thank you for your consideration and support.


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