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In 2004, Nicole was diagnosed with meningococcal septicemia encephalitis, four months after her youngest daughter was born. The doctors did not expect her to survive. She was in a coma for three weeks. Since the doctors weren’t sure what exactly caused her condition at the time, they gave her several strong antibiotics and antiviral IVs. Nicole had up to 6 bags of medication going into her at one time. While all of this kept her alive, it took a toll on her kidneys. Because of the damage to Nicole’s kidneys, she worked hard to keep healthy which included being careful with her diet and staying physically active. She maintained her kidney function for 15 years. Now 16 years later, her kidneys have dropped to functioning only at 9%. She will now have to start dialysis while she waits for a transplant. Nicole loves her family, her life and being in nature. The fatigue and low energy that goes with chronic kidney disease has kept her from doing the things she loves. She always makes the most of every moment and continues to do so. We would love to help her get the life saving kidney she needs.

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