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My Girlfriend was headed out for breakfast in a two-wheel drive car before attending a funeral. She turned into the place when the back end slid out from behind her and totaled the car. She ended up hitting another car stopped at a stop light. The other car had minimal damage due to it being a larger vehicle. On my vehicle the driver’s door is smashed in along with the back door on the driver’s side. My windshield is completely shattered, and the back window is cracked. The airbags deployed. The frame is completely bent. The blinker and the headlight don’t work on the driver’s side, well. My hood is popped open, and barely closes. The hood to the trunk is bent as well but doesn’t shut. It sticks when trying to open. My car is also leaking from everything under the hood. We had to get it towed. We are currently using a vehicle from a family friend. We only have one car now because our other one is in the shop getting fixed. We luckily work in the same area so we have just been sharing the car. But our schedules are getting busier with time, so we must have our own vehicles. Since she caused the accident, we are dealing with insurance costs and other bills for the accident. Luckily, my girlfriend only walked away with a concussion, but my car got completely totaled. Thank you in advance for the help.


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