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Hi, my name is Rachel. I just recently got diagnosed with colon cancer in February. I am currently doing my chemotherapy treatments. I did have to take a leave of absence from work. I am applying for disability but they said that it could take a while to get it. In the interim I do have to eat and pay my rent and my utilities and pay for transportation. I’ve blown through all my savings. Trying to pay for transportation and bills over the last few months. Now I just need a little help to get through until the disability kicks in I own four cats that have been helping me get through this so if I get assistance it also would be helping them with their vet bills and their cat food. I have tried applying for help from the American Cancer society and there are no funds available. I have tried applying for transportation through a local service and they said that that can take up to 60 days to approve the application. So assistance with bills and necessities is needed until I can get help from somewhere else. Any help that I can receive is greatly appreciated and I do believe in the play it forward philosophy so once I get my disability and I get over all this hump stuff I would definitely pay it forward helping out the next person. And I do greatly appreciate any help that is given and my thoughts and prayers grow to anybody that is suffering from cancer and their family.


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