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My daughter just turned 18, and was diagnosed with type 1, diabetes at age 12. Sadly, she also has hypoglycemia unawareness, and can very quickly go into a coma, or have a seizure. This has left her feeling helpless, and she is afraid to do many activities that she previously enjoyed doing. She has become depressed, and often feels hopeless. She is a beautiful, kind and loving young girl, and loves art, which is a good release for her anxiety and stress. She would love to become an artist, and also enjoys volunteering, and tries to make a difference in everyone’s life. If anyone is deserving of having the opportunity to improve her life, it is Lily. The stem cell therapy that she needs must be obtained out-of-the-country, which includes added expenses. Her Endocrinologist has stated that she is a very good candidate for stem cell therapy. The treatment is very successful at replacing her type 1 Beta Cells, which will hopefully get her off most of her insulin-so she can try to lead a normal life. This type of stem-cell is derived from donated umbilical cord cells, so they are resourced naturally, and humanely. The cells are cultured, then infused into the body. We will have to stay at the treatment center for 5 days. Afterwards, she has to stick to a low carbohydrate diet of many vegetables and proteins, and will undergo hyperbaric chamber therapy, and also IV infusions of vitamins.┬áPlease help us to get this life-saving and life altering stem cell therapy, so she can regain her health, strength and vitality, and not have to keep going to the ER and ICU.


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