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I am On Social Security and I am raising my Grandchildren

I have to haul water to the house as the well is down.  The Truck is leaking oil and I don’t know how long it will keep running

My grand Kids  were 6 and 8 when I took them out of Foster Care. It has been 3 yrs now I have tried to get a loan to fix the water but I don’t qualify for a loan. for 3 years we have been using a Portable restroom and 5 gallon buckets to do cooking and cleaning, bathing  and such.

I heat water on the stove to do dishes and baths.

I was just turned down again by another bank . I really need the well fixed but as of yet not able to get a loan.

I hate to be doing this but I have no choice as without running water and such My grandchildren can be taken and place back in the custody of DSS. and a Foster Home.

Thank You


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