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My name is Willie, officially, but I go by William.  I am a Servant, a person who cares deeply about those affected by mental illness.  It’s been my life, but now my health needs help.  With over 168 hospitalizations for a complicated blood disorder, GOD has still blessed me to be a blessing to others.  I have served all communities faithfully, the disabled, Vets, emotionally challenged children, and thousands of families.  My father, a Cement Finisher, instilled this important community value from the age of seven (7).  I used to empty the spit-cups for Mr. and Mrs Mitchel who lived across the breezeway from us and go with my dad every Friday to take the Elderly of our community to the grocery store.  He would not take a dime from them.  He said, “Son, one day you are going to get old and you will want somebody to care about you.”

The medical bills have almost destroyed me.  My lights, water, internet, and phone are off.  My bank account is overdrawn.  I am ineligible for Medicare.  I am an honorably discharged Vietnam Era vet with injuries.  The VA claim my records were lost in the Missouri fire.  I receive no benefits.  I need to have bilateral cataract surgery, a complicated full mouth reconstruction due to a strange infection acquired from a bat bite.  I am losing my sight if I don’t intervene soon.  I want more than anything to have more time to serve.  I feel lost and alone.  When you are helping others, and have something to offer, everybody is your friend.  When you are in need, they disappear.  I was the first Black Holistic Therapist in St Petersburg.  Donors and friends gave me over $300,000 trusting me to help others with mental health issues.  I gave that entire amount for that purpose.  Now, I need almost that to restore my health so I can get back to doing what I love, taking care of the broken, the challenged, the disabled, and anyone who needs me free of charge.

Thank you for listening and for helping me to have just a little more time to give myself away.  GOD Bless You.



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