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I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Lung Cancer and my treatment plan includes Radiation five days a week for six weeks; starting February 28, 2022; Chemo-Therapy one day a week (at the same time), and Immuno-therapy for one year following that. I have to drive (or be driven) approximately 160 miles a day for the first six weeks. With my pickup it will take about 10 gallons for those 30 days, so that will be about 300 gallons at $4.00 a gallon (In the stateĀ  of Washington); so it will cost me about $1200 just for gas for the first 6 weeks. I really don\’t know how I can pay that much because my only income is Social Security. Any help I can get will be extremely appreciated. Thank you and God Bless! Rosanna Ingbretson


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