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I am a mother of 4, fully breastfed babies in strong health. This petition is to petition the state of Louisiana to return my children home to me, so that we may return back to Minnesota to go back to our families. Since we are being lied to at every corner, I am now documenting every interaction henceforth, and am going to be extremely active with my case in the public eye moving forward. Background: We moved to from Minnesota to Louisiana, because in 2020 living in Minnesota became unsafe due to political conflict. We spent a year traveling and having fun as a family, enjoying our life and time together. When we got to Louisiana, my husband Chris got a job working construction, doing hurricane clean up, which he is still doing to this day. His employer had set us up to rent a house from his landlord, because his employer had built a long trusting relationship to this landlord, and we needed a place to rent. When we moved in we asked the landlady, ” Is there any utility bill that we need to worry about other than our electricity, internet, disposal and other personal bills for this month?” She said “Don’t worry about the water bill because it is already paid for.” This is important for later. ( LA Civ Code 1906 :: CC 1906 — Definition of contract :: 2011 Louisiana Laws :: US Codes and Statutes :: US Law :: Justia ) { 2011 Louisiana Laws Civil Code CC 1906 — Definition of contract Universal Citation: LA Civ Code 1906 TITLE IV. CONVENTIONAL OBLIGATIONS OR CONTRACTS CHAPTER 1. GENERAL PRINCIPLES Art. 1906. Definition of contract A contract is an agreement by two or more parties whereby obligations are created, modified, or extinguished. Acts 1984, No. 331, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1985.} Everything was fine for a few months, until the work slowed down, My husband was having a hard time finding employment, and we were unable to find any public assistance resources, so we had remembered another thing that the landlady had told us in the past “I am willing to work with you guys, as long as you are honest with me.” so Chris reached out to her seeing if there was anything she needed help with to see if he could het even a credit for the rent, such as maintenance or something. She ghosted him. We filed for assistance, only to find most the lists were closed or there were waiting lists to get on the waiting list. This was not helpful. We reached out to the Police Jury, we were ignored. We’ve tried everything at this point, and then we got a text saying “by the way they are coming to shut off your water today” It was too late when she messaged us this. So not only did we some how have to come up with the full amount of rent, we also needed to pay to get the water turned back on. Problem. We contacted the city and told them about how the landlady had a verbal agreement to keep out water turned on, because she had implied that it was already covered, multiple times in conversation, despite us asking her every month when we turned our rent in prior. “You are not our client, so legally I am not obligated to help you and can have your children removed from that home and arrest you and your husband for utility theft.” (the City of Sulphur water company). There was then a phone call from the landlord immediately after, which was suspicious. She said she was reporting us to DCFS because of the water (which she agreed to pay), and an officer showed up at our door the next morning. The officer came, saw there was no problem, that the kids were healthy and that we had drinking water jugs, so she left. We then got a call from the landlady saying “DCFS will be notified next.” at which point we called DCFS and told them what was happening and they said “Not having your water turned on is not a reason for us to come take your children.” (note for later in case it comes up). At this point we had been looking for a new place to rent from anticipating this, based off the shift in personality from the landlady from her first interaction. She threatened to evict us for not having the water turned back on, because “it was a breach of contract” even though, she had already agreed to pay the water bill that caused this whole issue. We went to court and lost. We were served a 5 day eviction notice and she gave us an extra day. When the notice was served (by her not the sheriff) I had asked for some legal resources on a community page and got a response of “the last person to sue the city, had their breaks tampered with.” (important side note) Later that evening, my husband tried to go get some things to help us move with and some food for the kids and I, and the van sounded like an RC car, that got stuck in the mud. The next day when I was inspecting my van, I noticed a hack in the rim of my tire followed by a missing and matching chip off the tire, that looked like a machete or something similar had hit it. We finally had a plan to move 3 hours north from where we were to a trusted friend’s house to get the van fixed and then move back to Minnesota, now that the political conflict had settled a bit. The landlord had been texting us and trying to start fights with us while we were working on trying to move out of the house, even threating us with “I will do anything in my power to take your kids away”. Not only that, but once we finally had things packed up, and ready to move outside, 10 minutes or so after we had started bringing things outside, she (landlord) showed up and started changing the locks as we were still trying to move everything out, at which point I had to keep the kids away from the landlady as she was acting threatening, and aggressive. I had to lock the kids and I into the kids room for a bit to keep them safe at that point, as she was being very verbal aggressive, including standing in the doorway saying “get out, why are you making this so difficult” (repeatedly as if she were on drugs). This immediately put me as a mother into a defensive position and I had to keep the kids away from her. She was actively keeping us from getting our belongings out of the home, I had to hold a 2 year old and an 11 month old on each hip to make sure she wouldn’t be able to grab them or hurt them. I ended up calling the police and trying to report harassment, but they took her side and said she had a right as a landlord, which I reminded him that we had rights as humans trying to move and keep our children safe from a crazy woman who thinks it’s funny to terrorize a family with small children. This whole ordeal eventually took us an entire day and kept us past the business hours for Uhaul, so we had to pull our camper over to the neighbors lawn to spend the night there, with their consent. Which the kids enjoyed being able to play on the trampoline the next morning while we waited for my friend to come and see if he could haul the camper behind his truck. While we used the uhaul, unfortunately, his truck was sat too high and we did not have anything to lower the hitch to allow him to haul the camper while we used a uhaul and tow dolly to bring the van and our belongings to his place for the temporary move. When he showed up, the Uhaul was again.. closed.. 8pm. and would again be closed until Monday, so we were going to have to stay until then and get the uhaul. The morning we were going to get the Uhaul, the police showed up due to a false report saying that we were neglecting the kids, they were bathed, using the bathroom and our needs were all being met at a neighbor’s house. They took my ID and held it from 9am(ish) till 6pm(the time we were released from jail) At first all was normal and she was just asking for the ID and she parked in such a way that she was blocking the driveway off so we could not go anywhere if we wanted to, nor could our friend pull in if they were coming to get us. At 3pm (approximately) when the friend left, because they were threatening said person, DCFS showed up and started yelling at me, and so did 2 officers, I was trying to feed my children this whole time and my baby was ready to nurse and take her nap at this time. This is when my son went around yelling “i have to go potty, I have to go potty” which my husband begged to let him take my son to use the bathroom, which the DCFS worker, and 2 police officers ignored and said “no one is allowed to leave this property until the kids are in state custody and you are in jail”. What did we actually do wrong? We asked them what we were being arrested for, they made up false allegations of child neglect and tried to say “the kids have bug bites and their clothes are not clean” (my son peed himself due to the police and DCFS worker failing to allow us to bring him to a neighbor to use the potty.) They told me if we did not let them take the kids, they would use excessive force. I am in fear for my life, as well as the lives of my children. They then arrested my husband and I for CHILD NEGLECT, then when they brought me in, they denied me access to my manual breast pump (was later diagnosed with Mastitis) as the police officer felt it necessary to deny a nursing mother a medically necessary device, or make medical accommodation, at this point, denied me access to safe drinking water, as the water is contaminated in my city, and refused to give me toilet paper or a clean blanket. There was also still what looked like blood next to the toilet from the last person, so I opted to just sitting the corner, and pray. I sat in the same kneeling position until 6:45 pm, praying to my higher power that something would change and my babies could be released to us, but nothing came, other than the ticket. My husband and I were ticketed for ONE COUNT OF NEGLECT OF A FAMILY MEMBER, they had no real basis for that unless they were only able to take the kids and arrest us because my son had an accident.. We later found out when we were called by the DCFS worker, that the only reason the kids were taken, was because we were arrested. I don’t know what to do. I made this petition to bring awareness to my case. I have 4 children, 3 girls, one boy. They were all placed in separate homes and are being kept away from each other intentionally. I also have a crowdfunding link for anyone willing to help me with lawyers fees regarding this. They told us we need to establish housing in Louisiana to get our kids home, even though we were trying to go home to Minnesota. We need help. Sign this petition to petition Louisiana to bring my babies home please. We don’t have much time and I am terrified. My name here can be searched on any social media as well as you can go to my website www.mercurymillions.com for all links like the crowd funding and social media links.


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