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As we all know times are hard, and well for a while there we were doing good at keeping out heads, at least at water level. However about a month ago my vehicle which I have through Superior Auto in Hopkinsville KY, broke down in Smyrna TN. The water pump and possibly the timing went. It took about a week to get it back up to Kentucky, but in order to do so I had to use the car payment to get it back. So my vehicle ended up being repoed. Once the vehicle payment is brought to current (which now is payment plus tow cost) I can get it to a mechanic and get the repairs under way.

My vehicle which is a 2014 Chevy Captiva Sport (a small sedan) was the family car, and the only one of our vehicles (the family has two and the other is a chevy cruze) once that went down, I was forced to leave my job- I was working as a 1099 for a merchandising company, and if you have ever worked for one of those you know that you drive, and drive a lot. I was driving all over Tennessee, from Clarksville all the way down to almost Chattanooga.  My car is the “mom car,” the car that  makes sure that the kids (and adults) get to their drs appointments, shopping, and work. and with my son (2yrs) has a drs appointment coming up in Louisville KY and this is the appointment that will let us know if he is going to need surgery or not and without my car, I am not sure how I am going to be able to get him there. We just moved and have been putting application after application out. Some have called for interviews, some have not. We are trying our best and this was the last resort.

We just need a little help getting my car, and fixed. Then we can get done what needs to get done and continue trying to survive. So even if all you can do is share or even a dollar, no matter what it is greatly apricated.


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