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My wife, Diane, and I recently incurred medical expenses for my oral surgery and her cancer surgery and treatments. We are living on a fixed, Social Security, income, and these expenses far exceed our disposable income. We live in a manufactured home in Springfield, Oregon, having moved from Oakridge, Or, in order to be closer to medical facilities and doctors. We are both in our 70’s, and working to regain our health after all these surgeries. Diane’s surgery was hard on both of us both physically and mentally. We have counted on Gods grace for our health, and today Diane is cancer free, but must continue immunotherapy for 1 year, which is not cheap. I have recovered from my surgery, and the health prospect for both of us is looking great.

Diane is hoping to go back to helping our daughter in law with home scjhooling both of the grandsans.They like very much for G’ma to work them on theirstudies and homework, as well as entertaining them once the school work os done for the day.

We have been married for 31.5 years and between us, have 5 sons, 2 grand daughters and 2 grandsons..Both our parents have passed on, and Rick has lost 1 brother to cancer.

Diane’s double mastectomy costs after insurance is unknown at this time, but is mostly likely, based on numerous searches, may exceed $15k. Oral surgery costs to us are currently $7450.00.

We are making minimum payments on these bills, but most are wanting much more.

We appreciate any and all help.


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