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Let me start off by saying I really didn’t wanna do this I hate asking for help. I have been battling the insurance company for years and have a ongoing case with morgan and morgan. I have copd , enzema and I am on oxygen. Back when hurricane irma hit it messed up my roof and I have leaking roof in several spots thru out house. Several rooms living room bedrooms and its only getting worse.I have mold in the walls and in several rooms. I really dont know what to do. I keep getting dragged thru the ringer and back with morgan and morgan insurance company aint wanting to help and my breathing levels have dropped tremondsly. I am on disability and social security and dont make enough.The insurance company is threatning to cancel us .We inherited the house from my mother and father and if it isnt one thing its another. I feel I’m getting nowhereand I  need to fix my roof so I can continue living and see my kids and grand children grow up and it scares me if I dont get this fixed I may not be able to do so.And all the resources Ive been giving aint helping.This is my last result. I pray I have angels out there that can help me and my family. I am really lost for words and Im lost and feel embarrassed to even have to ask for assistance. Hopefully this helps me get this fixed thank you all in advanced and God Bless You All


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