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I’m trying to raise funds to have major surgery on my neck after a motor vehicle accident in December 2022. After the vehicle accident, I’m not able to drive and get around. My everyday routine has also been affected, and I’m not able to move my right side because of the pain. I need help washing my hair because I can’t move my arm far enough to reach my hair. My medical insurance is refusing to pay for the surgery because they’re saying it’s from a degenerative disc disease, which my Neurosurgeon wrote a letter telling them that was not the case. Since I have to pay for this surgery out of pocket, the Neurosurgeon and Hospital are giving me their services at a discounted rate, which may have increased since last year. I have applied for services since losing my job, but they’ve denied me as well. I could use all the help I can receive to get this surgery and finally get some type of relief from this horrible pain. I’m currently unable to work because I’m unable to sit and/or stand for long periods of time. I’ve been terminated from my job because my Neurosurgeon is not approving me for any type of modified duty until I get my surgery. My Neurosurgeon also advised me if I’m unable to get the surgery that I need, then my issues in my neck will only get worse over time. I’m appreciative of any amount that you can donate! God Bless and thank you for your time!


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