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Waiting for funds, but not approve yet.  I am in a tight spot.  I need money badly.  I do not know who to turn to.  Need money for medical expensives.  I do not have money for food.  I have bills coming up that need to be paid.   I do not know what to do.  Can you help me.  I am retired person.  I have limited funds.  I do have a bank account.  These funds are very low.                 I have  Medicare , but no other insurance.  I can not get employment because of other health problems, I can not be hired.    I had operations on both of my eyes because of catarats .  This took money out of my bank account.  This cause me be late paying my telephone bundle bill each month.  Then eye doctor at clinic wanted me to see a eye specialist,  I had get a loan for operation.  I am not a rich person or middle class person.  I live off Social Security and a small penision.  Used up all my 401K funds.  Family and friends have money problems. So they can not help me.  Rent has gone up.  Food prices have gone up.  I do not own a motor vehicle.  So I ride public transportation.   I walk to some places because public transportation company got rid of many routes.  I am suppose to write 250 words in this section.   Last year I relied

on simulus checks.  I can not do that this year.  I do not have extra funds to do the things I need.


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