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My mother Lillian Rose has been a fighter for what’s right all her life. She will give all she has to help someone in need. She has an autistic son, my brother, whom she has taken care of through adulthood and continues to do so.  She has severe wounds, venous stasis, on her legs which opened and almost went to the bone requiring some surgery. At one point we thought she was going to loose her leg but she fought, always believing in GOD for a miracle. She received a miracle!
She is now in a very slow recovery at the Rehabilitation center. After insurance ran out for short term care, she has been under longterm care and she has a bill that has climbed to over $11,000 and will be at almost $20,000 before she is well enough to come home.  She has been in the facility since June 9, 2023  and is presently there as I write this. She has been confined to the bed for the entire time. She has just recently started to try and get out the bed and start therapy to regain her strength in her legs and try to walk again while her wounds heel.
This has been her 1st Christmas away from her son. To make things worse, she will be bringing in the New Year in the facility as well.  Her spirits are down but she continues to push forward trying holiday
My mother stands a giant 4’11 she is the most precious human being, but don’t let the small size fool you, she is tuff as they come! I have never used these types of avenues before, but have always given to charity and lend a helping hand to those in need. Trying to get help for her so she can continue to get the treatment she needs and not be constantly questioned or worried about her bill.

Thank You


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