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“Always have a willing hand to help someone, you might be the only one that does.” -ROY T. BENNETT

My mother, Johnnie Faye, is who others turn to for strength, support, advice, & help when action is necessary.

She has conquered and triumphed throughout her life. From being a single bull-hauling momma of a chronically ill child, yes that’s me, to surviving breast cancer… & most recently saving my life (literally saving my life by keeping my insides in until being rushed back into another surgery)
She has been through more physically, mentally, and emotionally than anyone I know and she continues to give in whatever way she can to others in their times of need.

Now, my mother needs help. She has been disabled due to back injuries yet has still maintained to with the little hours she can. It is not much but she usually manages until recently.

Her income is not enough to afford the copays for all the scans, regular doctor visits, specialists visits, labs, etc.

She has put off any and all visits for the next couple months due to this. She just had a non-working non MRI compatible spinal cord stimulator removed so that the doctor can do MRI imaging on her spine and neck due to the extensive injuries they have already found with CTs. Now, everything has been put on hold because of she cannot afford all the costs of transportation, copays, and other costs.
Our large family has recently came together to help bury her brother, my uncle, they’ve help me through my month long hospital stay, and now everyone has exhausted their own finances.
We are only asking for 500.00 because my mom thinks that will be enough but honestly she has never asked for help and I do believe she’s being modest.
Every little does help so that is all that will be requested. However, I hope this brings more.
I thank you for taking the time to read this. My apologies if I was not more clear about her situation but I am attempting to get to the point and not disclose excessive information.
Again, I thank you all for reading this and I much appreciate any support you are able to provide.

Thank you kindly.


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