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Greetings to the individuals reading this notice.  My husband, who is my best friend, has been diagnosed with lung cancer. Due to the treatments that he will be going through, he has been temporarily put on FMLA. We have been attempting to get some financial help; however, we do not qualify for TANF or SNAP, SSDI, or any other government agency help. Because we bought the house and we own 2 vehicles, they have rules that disqualify us.   If you could find it in your heart to help, we would be so eternally grateful.  We are in dire straits.

Thank you, Michelle Matthews

hello to all who read this my name is Charles k. Matthews, I live in Sherman Tx  I served in the U.S.M.C. and later became an aircraft mechanic and lived my life. I found the love of my life and remarried we moved to Texas from calif, I told her I would take care of her. Life has other ideas I started getting sick at work and went to the hospital they did a c.t. scan and found several lumps in my lower right lung and left-hand lymph nodes, the company I work for said they could not put me on light duty, I had 4 days till my 90 days, they put me on personal medical leave, so I have no money and no insurance to keep paying for this myself I tried to get unemployment I don’t qualify for it cause I can’t work. I tried for s.s.d.i. but don’t qualify because we own our house, and my wife has two cars in her name. i go into the hospital on Monday for a port in my chest so they can start chemo on me I am asking for help to take care of my wife, and me thank you, and God bless


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