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PLEASE read this entire post so that maybe you can truly understand or maybe can relate to some of what my family is going through..

** This is NOT a SCAM please verify with my family and friends my medical diagnosis ,and status is confirmable.**

Most of us have been affected either directly or indirectly by this ugly thing called CANCER..

My name is Salina B Richardson.

On September 20, My life changed when I got some unexpected and scary news. On September 12, I got up, prepared myself normal routine, clocked in for my job(WFH) worked my shift until my lunch. I started feeling bad, and my husband happened to come in early from work that day. I told him I just didn’t feel right. So he took me to the ER. Once at the hospital and walked a short distance from the walkway to the door, I could breathe was gasping for air. They immediately took me to the back, and they checked my oxygen which was 50%, which they said was hypoxic; they connected me to a heart monitor (heart rate extremely high), blood pressure high and gave me oxygen. By that night doctors told me they found a mass that covered ¾ of my trachea after doing a CAT scan. I was suffocating. I was immediately admitted, then over the course of those following days I was transported from there to two other hospitals and placed in ICU before having surgery. At the second hospital they told me it was a mass or maybe a puss pocket. They tried to do a bronchoscopy on 9/16 but had to abort due to it immediately bleeding once they ran the light and camera down my throat, the hospital was not equipped for such a procedure and risks. So I went to ICU, then was transported to the third hospital placed in ICU to there and on 9/19/22 taken to surgery for mass removal and biopsy, to find out it was malignant. I was told I had Sqamous Cell Carcinoma of the Trachea. THROAT CANCER that hit me to my core. I have been going back and forth to the doctors, Thoracic surgeon, Oncologist, and primary physician since diagnosis. Having to go through test after test so they could determine the plan of action and get my treatments in place. They told me that I needed to have surgery.

I prayed and God prepared me for a extremely invasive (400) minute surgery approximately 7 hours scheduled for 11/01 the doctors had to abort about two hours into the multi step surgery. The cancer has grown more into the lining of my trachea and has moved downwards where my esophagus splits off into my lungs. They said it was not safe to remove.

So they would like to start chemo to see if it will shrink enough to safely remove with surgery.

My next course of action will takeup a lot of time, getting to treatments and following up with doctor visits which are all in the Raleigh/Durham, 1 hour to 1 ½ hour I one-way drive from my hometown.

At time time still out of work without pay due to transitioning jobs in July, so no FMLA available, Our financies are under tremendous strain, I do hope to be able to return back to work in some capacity soon. But in between, I am is facing continued medical appointments and will not be able to work. My husband is having to miss work/opportunities since I am dependent on him to get me to and from all my appointments and for up coming procedures.

My family is in need of contributions to help us get through the next couple of months in hope of not having to worry while we focuses on my health.

Donations will go a long way to pay for my expenses for travel, transportation, household bills, and basic living expenses until I am is healed enough to return to work full-time f possible.

Your contributions will help sustain my family until treatments are complete and I am back feeling stronger and working as I did prior to the change in my health.

My family is fighting a battle and would like not to have to worry about money/bills as we brave this battle.

If GOD lays it upon your heart and you can give, please do so without us having to ask anyone individually.

Our bills and expenses are still rolling in.


My job officially terminator my employment since I cannot return to work anytime soon. I have begun my Chemo treatments and have had to endure more health crises. I now have type 2 diabetes medically induced. Having been hospitalized my glucose level reached up to 600 now have to take short-acting insulin with each meal and long-acting insulin at bed. I am experiencing extreme pain nuerolopthy due to degenerative disc disorder.


This is not definitely easy for us…

We don’t want to be in this situation of having to ask for help.

God Bless. We are blessed to be truly grateful for all God’s Blessings and Mercy.

Sincerely Thankful, Trusting in God’s plan

Salina B Richardson


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