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Hi, my name is Robin. I’m 56 years old. In July 2023, I was diagnosed with stage 3b small cell, inoperable lung cancer. I had 3 tumors. All in my left lung. one of which was closing off the bronchial tube, causing a collapsed lung. The other two consumed 2/3 of the lung. It became very serious, very fast. Immediately, I began chemo and radiation treatments.

I have a 35 yr old daughter, Amber. she’s my only child. Unfortunately, she lives in northern California, and I live in southern Mississippi.  after telling her my diagnosis, she immediately quit her job and caught the next flight to Mississippi. She wouldn’t even consider staying put! She was coming back home to take care of her momma!! Thank goodness she did, too!! treatments were rough!! 30 rounds of radiation and 8 weeks of chemo. for the first time in my adult life, I needed someone to help me take care of me.

here we are 6 months later. two of the three tumors are completely gone. the remaining tumor is very small and still shrinking. I’m feeling stronger and stronger every day!! The time has come to let her get back to her own life. this is where the problem comes in! Although we were able to make her rent payments each month, she’ll return home with no money, no job, and is unable to make her phone payments, put gas in her car, or even buy groceries. we have nowhere to turn for assistance for her. Mississippi does not pay relatives to care for relatives.

It’s so embarrassing to not only need help, but to have to ask for help. i just simply dont know what else to do. please, anything you can do to help would just be a god send! i dont know what else to say… a god send!

thank you for your time and consideration! It means the world to me!


robin raiteri



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