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Hello, my name is Monique and I was in a car accident last April of 2022. I have been driving around with a totaled car ever since the accident. Well, I recently prayed and asked God to please help me with getting another car. What happened was that a guy rear ended me and totaled my car. His insurance company paid my car off. However, since I was upside down in the loan (I think they call it) I didn’t get any cashback.. I actually had to beg the insurance company (progressive) to keep my car because they wanted to keep it themselves. However, I needed my car to get to and from work and to get my kids. Well, since I have been driving a totaled car around for more than a year, I am tired of hiding from the police – always looking in my rear view mirror, scared that I will see them back there. Because if they were to take my car, I would have nothing! I don’t drive at night also because I have no lights in the back. So no cars can see me and also,, once again I cant see who is in back of me and if its the police. I am going to be honest. at the time of the accident I did not have any insurance which is another struggle story of its own. I really have enough to go to work, pay my rent and utilities and food. I found this platform from a lady on YouTube and would be happy for any amount anyone gives me would be a blessing. I am hoping to get a new car. Nothing fancy just a car I can be proud of and not embarrassed of every time I am out driving. My trunk does not close and I can hear it bouncing when I drive. It embarrasses me when my kids are in the car to be honest. So I am finally ready to be done with this car. Anything given is appreciated. Thank you for listening.


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