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***12.20.2023 UPDATE***

Willis is home and trying to heal. Gastroenterologist appointments are to come for follow up. Thank you for all your prayers and support. He can still use them, as healing is a journey.


Prayers have been heard. Currently Willis is off all tubes. He has been more mobile, and looking towards to coming home soon. Thank you all for the prayers and donations. We are on the right track. Please keep the prayers coming.

On December 9th 2023, Willis Smallwood suffered from an esophageal rupture. The esophagus is the tube that connects the mouth with the stomach. When a tear occurs in this tube, the condition is known as esophageal rupture. A rupture allows food or fluids to leak into the chest and cause severe lung problems. This is very rare and could have been fatal. He was transferred to Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC from McDowell, N.C. Surgery was performed to repair the esophagus as fluid was filling up the left chest cavity as the rupture was in the thoracic region. He will be at Mission’s for a while longer right now. He is still currently unable to eat or drink due to the the drainage tubes still being in place, as they are still drawing off the fluid. Once he is finally released, of course there will be lots of follow up and care.
He has been at his current employer for 10 years, but unfortunately has no health insurance. His girlfriend Tara has not left his side, which means she is out of work as well.
This event was very unforeseen, but we are grateful the Lord allowed him to still be here with us all.
They could really  use some extra help right now in the difficult time. The bills are still piling in to be paid and more will be coming in with the hospital bills and follow up care.
This is going to be a long road for healing and trying to get back to a normal life. If anyone could help it would be much appreciated. Please send up some extra prayers for healing.
God bless.

– Angie Smallwood


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