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Hi, my name is Ashlee. When I was 17 I had a gallbladder exploding with ducts to my heart. When I had that follow-up appointment the surgeon pressed so intensely on my stitches I felt a pop and screamed. Turns out a year later a stitch stayed open and an umbilical hernia literally grew out of it, so another abdominal surgery in 2008. In 2011 I had a C-section. In 2013 I had the Essure implant while entirely put out like surgery, it was the only option I was given and I was severely allergic. In 2014 I had a hysterectomy to remove the inserts. In my late 20’s I came down so sick I spent about 2 years in an awake coma with trigeminal neuralgia bilaterally and with psuedotumor cerebri/idiopathic intracranial hypertension. I had duodenal switch basically in August 2021. I have since lost 140 lbs. I’ve maintained this a great amount of time. I have had my abdominal muscles cut through so many times I need muscle reconstruction. I have severe textural anxiety and my skin touching itself gives me literal panic attacks. I am a single parent who just moved to Florida (to leave social security and return to work) with my son. I was able to be approved for $3000 of an $8500 surgery. I will need to stay in Miami/Hollywood area that week, I’m hoping for March as I can take that time off from work and my son has school vacation where he could stay with my grandparents back in Maine so I can heal. In Maine I had 3 insurances, Medicare, Wellcare, and Mainecare. They were willing to cover my surgery. Moving I have Medicare, Devoted, and do not qualify for a third insurance. My appointments back in Maine were rescheduled since the summer due to office issues and it being such a small state there weren’t many options… I should’ve already had this done and been healed. As a parent we can’t really live for ourselves, I still can’t. I’m trying to take this last health step forward and would appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer. I’ve spent since I was 15 in healthcare and anyone who works their way up from CNA, to phlebotomy, to DHHS know it’s a high stress job that you do not make high money in but continue to do because you truly want to help others have the best care for a good life possible. I was a medical caregiver for my grandfather for the VA until I moved here and still have to spend all my extra funds returning to Maine to help him. Again, anything anyone could spare would be so helpful. It would take me years to have any extra savings.


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