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I am a Mom of 5 awesome kids who are my world; one girl and four boys. I am a wife to the love of my life for over 18 years. I am a Teacher. I have been teaching High School English for over 11 years. I was sick last school year and back and forth to the doctors, so I used up any of the saved days that I had to be paid when I am off. Toward the end of the last school year through a random event, I found out I have Her+2 Positive invasive Breast Cancer. Everything about this journey has been very hard, not only for me but for my family and my young boys. It’s hard to see the worry on their faces when I am sick from treatments. Their confusion about what has happened to our lives and if I will be okay,  Soon I will be having surgery before starting Radiation. My school district informs me that I will not have enough work hours to qualify for FMLA and the time will not be paid. On top of this because of Chemo and tests, I will have already used up any time PTO that I can get for the new school year. My family and I will not be able to make it without some help. We live modestly and have cut every corner possible, but that is not enough. No one ever tells you how much it cost to be sick.


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