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  I am a Widowed ,single parent and raised my daughter since she was 6 years old after her mother died in 2001. Since 2013  work in the Oil Field has been slow for me. In December 2014 my Daughter and I went to Texas to work for a Family member and all it turned into is him ripping me off of money that he owed me. We were staying in one of his rentals and all it ende up with was we ended up homeless for 6 months. I have managed to get my daughter a home to live in and unfortunately she is only one of us that has been able to get a job. I guess here a 59 year old is an undesirable job candidate. We have put my daughter’s College off where she is 38 credits in on her Nursing Degree and needs to go back. 

I really desire to work and can drive for Uber if I can get a car.Unfortunately you need at least a 2005 model and we have a 1993 model. Really want to work and help my daughter get back in college. willing to work and have a job in the Oil Field for a Survey Company here locally but no work yet. Tired of waiting on Oil Field and will help someone else out if I could. I can drive for Uber if I had a car. 

Please help

Michael Frazier


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