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My son, Ryan Mott, was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer called DIPG.  Eight months after his diagnosis, he passed away.  It has been almost a year since Ryan has passed, and I still have not been able to pay off his tombstone.  One month ago, my husband of 15 years left me and two children.  He left us with four months behind in our rent, two months behind in our electricity and a month behind in our water/sewer.  He has informed me that he has no intention to help with the tombstone for Ryan.  Ryan died of a horrible cancer, and he deserves to have a tombstone.  I work several jobs to include bookkeeping, spray tanning, making shirts and other crafts and pick up miscellaneous work and temporary work to help catch up on bills and put money towards the tombstone.  I honestly feel I would be able to take care of the kids and I with the amount of hours I work, if I could get current with my household bills and tombstone.  Any help would be extremely grateful.  If you are not able to help out but would love more information in helping to find research for DIPG, please visit the Michael Moiser Foundation Defeat DIPG website.  We need to find a cure for DIPG.  It’s a death sentence for children and there is no survival rate.  300 to 400 children a year die from DIPG in the US alone.  Most children only live 9 to 12 months.  We need to spread awareness and cure DIPG.


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