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I am creating this campaign for a co-worker and friend with the hope of  helping him get the support he desperately needs.  Times are tough and even tougher when a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer.  To be blunt; it is not looking very promising and medical bills are mounting.  The mass has doubled in size in the last 90 days and his wife is in constant pain.  I have known Kris for almost 10 years and he is doing everything in his power to be there for his wife of 38 years, but in the end he still has to cover co-pays,  prescriptions that are quite expensive and not always approved by the insurance company, medical tests, and a growing list of bills associated with something as life changing as a cancer diagnosis.

Every little bit helps and any support or donation for the Meyer family will be greatly appreciated.  Suffering from any cancer is not easy and the doctors latest information shows the pancreatic cancer seems to have spread to her liver and a more aggressive treatment is needed as soon as possible.  Some of the medications are not covered or are only covered by a small percentage and we do not have a cost yet for the new treatment, but we do know it will not come cheap.  But, can you really put a price tag on someone’s pain, suffering, and treatments?  Well it seems that an insurance company can, which is why I am hoping people will open their hearts and help in whatever little they can afford.  I am humbly requesting for any financial support to enable Diana to receive the treatment and medications she rightly deserves.  Her husband Kris is a very hard-working employee in my organization and I would like to reduce some of the stress he is under by providing whatever financial support this campaign will generate.  We will all be truly grateful for your donation.


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