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Hello, my loving caring husband, father of 3 has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer that has now became metastasis cancer. My husband has always been the person everyone came to for help and he was the one to always be there, he would give anyone the very last shirt he had on his back so they could be warm. This man I love very much and call my husband has had a very hard, rough and eventful life. He’s always on the move, never able to settle as things unfortunately always happened. Although he is the type of person that will never ask for help as he says “There’s always someone worse who could use it more” but at this time he needs all the help he can get. He deserves a break in life just like anyone other.  The donations we receive will be used for gas to get him back and forth to his treatments and doctor’s appointments. Which are 78 miles away one-way. As well the funds will be used to help us to keep a roof over our children’s heads as with all the treatments and doctor’s appointments things have got very rough. This has been a rough battle for our whole family not only to get a grip on my husband having cancer or for my children to get that their dad has cancer but the care. My stress on trying to figure out how to get his medication, as well as get him to treatment 5 days a week, and get our kids to and from school or what they need it’s just absolutely passed its breaking point. I have looked, applied and been everywhere in our small town looking for help with results being very unsuccessful. No matter whether it’s a penny or $50.00 we are very thankful and appreciate your help and it means a lot, it all makes a difference. THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR TIME AND CONCERIDERTION IN HELPING US.


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