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I am a single mom of 4. My boyfriend of 7 years decided to leave us high and dry almost 4 months ago. I have been doing everything on my own and the best I can to take care of all of us. But my kids and I recently had to move in with a family friend just to break even. Then when I thought everything was going to be good and I could get back on my feet. Life took another turn. Now I am having car issues ( flat tire, new battery and now I am about to get my car taken by the bank if I do not pay $500 within the next six weeks. Also, I have run into a situation with medical expenses. I thought everything was good and dandy, then when I called the doctor to get appointments made for my kids and myself, I was told that $1500 is what is needed to be paid to help my children and I to get our medical needs in order. We need to get to see the doctors before school starts, so they can get their physicals and shots for school and I can also get help from my doctors myself because I have some health issues myself. My kids always come first no matter what but I have got to be healthy and stay healthy so that I am here for all my babies. If you can Please 🙏 help us to get everything together, I would be forever grateful. Thank you for your help. And God bless.


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