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Hello To All,

This request is for both my husband and me. My husband Bill is retired, and I have been on Disability for several years battling a multitude of medical issues. As you can see, we are seniors on fixed incomes and unable to work at this present time. Currently both of us have medical bills that we are unable to pay, and we cannot even make payments as we have nothing left to hardly make it to the end of the month. I recently was in the burn center for 5 days in our city and had to have surgery, They had to amputate all but one toe on my left foot.  I now have to have a repair surgery on my left foot and ankle from an ankle replacement surgery that I had last year. I have been in bed most of the year due to the swelling and constant pain in my ankle and foot. My husband Bill had kidney cancer surgery and they are still watching it as he is still having problems with his kidney. We are praying that the cancer does not return. We both have had multiple surgeries over the past few years but at this point we have our co-payments backing up plus what we still need to do for future surgeries. These medical issues have also caused additional medication co-payments as well as our surgical and hospital co-payments. Thank you for your help and may God bless you Richley for giving. Thank You


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