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Camille Gerdik at 56 years old suffered a massive stroke on May 5, 2024 because of a 90% blocked Carotid Artery. She was air lifted to Rush Hospital in Chicago where they temporarily opened the artery with Balloon Procedure. She also had a sizable portion of her skull removed to allow for the swelling of the brain.

She then was moved to Shirly Ryan Rehabilitation Center for about a month now working on her right side mobility and on her speech as she is trying to overcome Aphasia. Due to Insurance, she will be leaving Shirley Ryan Center on June 18th.

Camille has multiple surgeries to follow with her skull reattachment and getting a stent implanted for a long term resolution to her Artery. She will experience extensive continued physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and ongoing technical support therapy for her Aphasia.

Camille is a single woman with a love for her family, friends, dogs, and travel. She has a long road ahead without any income to pay her mortgage, utilities, medical costs, etc. Camille was thriving in her new position as a Director of Training and only has been at her company for 7 months that does not qualify her for Medical leave benefits.

Prior to entering her profession, she graduated in Communications and was inducted into PHI Beta Kappa from the University of Iowa. While she was working full time received her Master Degree in Rhetoric and worked part time as a Professor at large for the University of Perdue. She continued her education in her love for Wine as a Sommelier and using her knowledge she created her own Wine Consulting business. Camille also has been a top rated Air BNB Host for the past 8 years. All of these sources of income are put on hold awaiting her healing.

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