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Grandma needs help!I spent two months in the hospital. I was hooked up to an IV continuously and given a new bag of medicine four times a day. Plus, they gave me all kinds of medicines how many times a day. I was fighting to stay alive. People die from the infection I had. I also had skype appointments with a specialist for infectious diseases. I had a few appointments with the specialist. I was also given meds for pain. I had a hard time trying to get to sleep.  When I was finally cleared of the infection, they released me from the hospital.  Only to get bombarded with medical bills. I am sixty-six years old and I receive social security disability checks. I am in dire need of money to pay for my medical bills. My medical bills are over $200,000. I am asking for  your help. Please help me pay my medical bills. Your donation is tax free. So it is a tax write off.  You will receive your donation information by email. I could also use you to keep me in your prayers. I also need to have three surgeries. The first surgery I need to have done is to remove cancer from my kidney. The second surgery I have to have done is for Spinal Stenosis and the surgeon said that he wants to remove two parts of my spine. But before that surgery is done, the surgeon said he wants to take care of my neck. I also have Cervical Stenosis. I’ve been on pain meds. Thank you all in advance for your prayers and donations.


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