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  • In May of this year I was having a lot of medical problems I just turned 78years old and me and my husband are on a fixed income and thur blood test and all they found that I have stage 3 kidney disease and bone marrow cancer which is blood cancer I am now in treatment this is June and my medical bills already are at $20,000.oo dollar we are on social Security our only income. Medicare does not cover half what is owned every time I go for treatment the bill go higher and higher I don’t do things like this but there’s no where else to go any help we can get will be deeply appreciated. most of the time I go two days a week for treatment the first of June I went for treatment the Dr. put me in the hospital my Potassium and Sugar was way too high  just about said all I can I tried to upload a picture but I could’t get it to work I may not be doing this right but remember I’m 78years old. It’s hard to Pay rent by food and medicine gas in the car drive 30 to 40 miles twice a week I know a lot if people might say oh she old and needs to give it up but just remember that if time stands you will get old and want to live like every one else I hope my story has not been too boring but that’s the way it is.may God bless you.

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