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Sometimes in our lives we are blessed to be surrounded by people who are literal angels. Max and Savanna are that for me. I recognize that I might be biased as they are my son and bonus daughter but the kindness, love and inspiration they live their lives with and share with every person they come across is unique and rare. Even at this incredibly difficult time their focus is on uplifting and inspiring others as best they can. Please consider helping out with the medical costs and memorial expenses incurred for sweet baby Indy.  Much love to all and thank you for your generosity and kindness whether via donation or simply in words or prayers.

xoxo Mequell

In Savanna’s own words:

Indy Rae Buck was born Sunday, August 6th, 2023 at 12:41 pm. She weighed 1.18 lbs and passed during labor.

About a month ago Max and I received news that there were some abnormalities in our baby on the way. After meeting with specialists and having extensive imaging and genetic testing, she was diagnosed with triploidy. Triploidy is a lethal chromosomal condition in which a baby has an extra copy of every chromosome. We understood she might not make it to term and if she did, her life would be limited to a few hours or days.

Knowing this, Max and I decided to celebrate her every way we could and show her our favorite parts of life: beach days, the aquarium, girls shopping day, giving her a gender reveal, having our favorite foods, concerts, family walks, etc. All of these moments were bittersweet, but we are grateful for each one.

This Sunday my water broke at 10:50 am and we rushed to the hospital. A placental abruption was the cause of delivery at only 25 weeks. Her body and my body couldn’t take any more. Baby Indy passed during labor.

Our hearts ache for the loss. We also feel rejoicing knowing what a special spirit Indy is. We have felt so close to our little girl and we are so proud of her. She is strong and we believe God needed her in heaven. We feel so blessed to be parents to an angel and we can’t wait to meet her in the life to come.


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