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The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter as I continue to try to make ends meet and to continue to survive as I struggle to come to grips with my cancer diagnosis. April of 2021 I was diagnosed with breast cancer that led to a full mastectomy after I discovered a lump in my left breast I didn’t realize or understand how much my life and finances would change. I continue suffering in physical and mental pain every day since my healing process had begun after my surgery which makes it hard for me to work a full-time job as well as enjoy some of the activities that I used to enjoy. At this time I am in need of help for my back bills and transportation to and from my follow-up doctor appointments. My aftercare has required me to readjust and rearrange many things in my life, and suddenly everything changed, including my living situation and lack of support from my family members and close friends. I’m slowly getting back to myself, I hope, it looks like it’s going to be a long road! On many occasions, I’ve had to realize that my life has changed forever. I will continue to stay hopeful and encouraged because I know that many people can relate to illness and many life changing event that can alter our lifestyles and ways of living after being diagnosed with an illness. I haven’t received much help in my community so I’m reaching out to the public for help with hopes that someone will respond.


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