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Hello Friends,

As most of you may know, I have worked in the medical field as a paramedic for over 40 years. A year ago, I contracted COVID as a result. I was hospitalized for most of September last year.  As a result of the COVID, I am now in stage 5 kidney failure, and I have what they care calling Long COVID COPD asthma. Most days I cannot breathe very well. I also have severe muscle weakness, and I have to use assistance devices for mobility. Over the past year, I have been to several specialists. My PCP has advised me to go to the Mayo Clinic for their COVID specialist to offer an accurate assessment and diagnosis as well as offer a substantial treatment plan for my long-term care. I have been accepted by their COVID team and will be traveling to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN from the 25th of September through the 4th of October. Since my COVID, I have lost my job and I am relying only on Social Security as my income. Along with all the current medical expenses I have acquired, it absolutely drains my monthly budget. My pharmacy expenses alone each month are well over $200.  I also have a responsibility to care for my 10-year-old daughter with school expenses and food. Assistance with travel, food and lodging to Rochester, Minnesota will be greatly needed as this trip will exceed my monthly budget. Any assistance or benevolence to make this trip possible is much appreciated.


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