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Here is our story, it may be long but please read until the end. If you cannot contribute please share share share this message!! My husband and I have tried for years to have a baby and we ran into many obstacles. I was diagnosed with severe endometriosis many years ago, which in order to have a baby, this needed to be \\\”cleaned\\\” up every few months. I had a total of 12 surgeries over a few years.  We tried invetro twice that failed. From all the pain I was in, mind you in between this is also had 2 knee surgeries, so if we did succeed I was afraid if I could even lift a car seat. Soon after I ended up having a hysterectomy.  One of the toughest decisions to make at 25 years old!!!  All you ever hear then is, there’s adoption out there! We had an amazing person fall in our lap who offered us to adopt her baby, unfortunately he was born 3 months early and he never made it home with us. RIP Baby Gage :'( We’ve had a long and hard road.  It’s not like us to ask for help, but we want more than anything to have a child. Weather through adoption or Surrogacy. My sister has been very generous to offer her eggs to us. But in either way, it is extremely expensive as insurance does not cover costs.   So we are reaching out to you, for anything you may be able to contribute to our life long dream!


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