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In 2009 we lost everything to a house fire. My husband Dave was over come by smoke but he did survive. He ended up with heart problems  and a pace maker and defibulator, also had to have surgery to repair his heart. We have custody of 2 of our grandchildren, who at the time were ages  4 and 3. Dave has been sick since he and I both are on disability now and we are losing everything again due to not enough funds to pay for everything. In 2014 again Dave was close to death, he was sent to Abbott Northwest in Mpls,Mn. His heart couldn’t beat hard enough to stay alive, so he had surgery and they put in a LVAD heart pump. So scary and long ,long hours we spent there to be with him. It has been so hard, not enough money and losing things because we couldn’t pay for them. Now my husband is laying in the next room on oxygen, hooked up to a machine plugged into the wall to keep his heart going/beating. He just come home from the hospital with a shocking diagnosis yet again.  Stage 4 lung cancer due to his being a mechanic . How do I explain this to my 2 kids that he is dying,that they sent him home to die ,he has only weeks to live .There is no life insurance, and there isn’t enough money to pay for a funeral. We will lose our truck, balance is like  $ 3,00.00 and lose our home again. We have nothing when my husband passes, due to ill health for the past 7 years. If anyone could help we would be beyond grateful. My 2 kids are now 10 and 11, and we do have each other,but it doesn’t help without a vehical and a home. God Bless you all for reading this and Thank You in advance ahead of time.


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