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Hi my name is Darlene I am 26 years old & for the last 5 years my husband Jerry has provided for me and our child. In 2017 we lost our first baby. We then got married on 12/03/2017 and vowed that we would always be together and have 3 kids (at least). Life was great, my husband was a real provider. Los Angeles has been having lots of rain and on his way home from work Monday, January 9th, 2023 around 5:56 a crash was reported. My husband spun out of control on a slippery street. Usually, we talk when he first gets in the car; on this day he called, we talked for about 20 minutes, but because it was coming down so hard, I told him to focus on the road and call me when he was close. He told me the GPS said 7:20 pm he’d make it home. Around 7:15 I called him to see if he was close and I got no answer. I waited 5 mins to see if he would give me a callback, 5 minutes turned into forever, and I’d never hear from my husband again. I am in utter shock still, in 2017, pregnant with our daughter but I know Jerry would want me to continue taking care of and providing for our child. I have been seeking work but still nothing yet, I have no car and soon will run out of rent money. I need any help I can get. My own mother cannot and will not help me, she’s in fact embarrassed that I am asking for help. I need help burying the love of my life, as well as helping to get a new car and keep up with bills. Anything will help us.

2017, pregnant with our daughter

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