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I need a tooth capped on the right side of my mouth, and I’m on disability income, and my hours got cut at work, and medicare and medical assistance don’t pay at all for teeth being capped, and I have to pay upfront I can’t make payments, and my family can’t help me out. if I don’t get it capped soon, it will crack then ill be in terrible pain it will have to be pulled out and it’s my only chewing tooth I want to save that tooth if I can. so I’m asking for help, please. any of you out there that can help me as soon as possible would be greatly appreciated. I would appreciate it thanks. I don’t usually ask for money but I’m desperate. I called around to different dentists, and I have to pay the whole $900.00 at one time. I’m poor, very poor were always broke the bills are piling up and now I have this tooth problem I would be thankful for any help u could give me, but I need 900.00 please help I’m desperate or I wouldn’t be asking.  Thanks again Liz Erin Mertens age 43 I called dentists in sturgeon bay and green bay I live in an apartment with my husband in Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin for 12 and 1/2 years. We have a daughter that doesn’t live with us. We are both disabled and on social security income. We don’t make much at our jobs and right now until summer were both just work one day a week and it is not nearly enough to cover medical expenses. There is no way I can afford $900.00, especially at once, so I’m asking for your help, please. It would be so nice if u could help me I hope u understand my situation. the bills are piling up and I need it, and I don’t want to be in pain if the tooth cracks and lose the tooth.  the would hurt. so I’m begging. I never beg. Thanks again, Elisabeth Erin Mertens Sturgeon Bay, Wi USA America


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