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 I was diagnosed with a slow-growing Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 16 years ago. Since then, I’ve managed the disease with alternative treatments successfully and have lived a full life despite always having the disease hanging over my head in the background. A few months ago, the once slow-growing lymphoma transformed into an aggressive lymphoma that stopped me in my tracks. After being in remission for five years, I became ill and had to reduce the amount of work I could take on. I am going through a tough chemotherapy regimen and doing alternative treatments to help manage the toxic side effects. The treatments have been really helpful so far. I am a graphic artist and have had to, for the most part, put the work I love to do on pause to get through this difficult time.  I have never asked anyone for help and have always been self-sufficient. It’s hard to say, but I find myself in need of assistance now. I am not in a financial position to cover the costly supportive care and living expenses needed to get me through the next four months of treatment and recovery afterward. I, unfortunately, don’t have family that is in a position to help either. I would be so beyond grateful for any support that anyone can offer. I want to be able to beat this disease once and for all! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your consideration.


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