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My mother, Lissa Murray, was recently diagnosed with a rare cancer called Primary Peritoneal Cancer. She is 68 years old and has led a very health conscious life. So this diagnosis has been very surprising to all of us. Anyone who knows my mother knows of her selfless, nurturing, giving character. She has spent her entire life caring for others, growing organic food for her family, cleaning homes for clients, caring for elderly through the nights, always caring for neighbors and friends when they called upon her for help. Now she needs to work on fighting her own battle with this disease. She can no longer work and is receiving excellent treatment at Euromed  Foundation in Phoenix Arizona. This state of the art treatment facility focuses on an integrated approach and much of the holistic therapy is not covered by insurance. Any donation to help pay for her continued medical treatment will be greatly appreciated.

9/12/21 Update: This past week my mother received some positive news! So far the chemo and immune supporting therapies are working, her cancer markers are down, the swelling and fluid retention are also lessening. She is even starting to feel better and there is a new energy in her voice when talking to her over the phone. She needs to continue this regimen for another 4 weeks. Hopefully then she can return home. 

So far her treatment plan involves weekly chemo with insulin support (she is pre diabetic so this is very important) vitamin C therapy, ozone therapy, bemer therapy, and paracentesis. 

Thank you to all of you who are supporting her in this battle against cancer! 

Update 9/25/2021

My dear mother, Lissa, is still fighting hard against this cancer. She is making great improvement, her cancer markers are going down and her energy level is improving. She is working hard with her diet and exercise to gain back the strength she lost. Next month she will have more blood tests to asses when she will be able to return home. Her treatment and therapies continue  to cost about $1000 a day. Thank you to everyone who has donated and sent prayers and support. Please continue to share this so we can spread the word and continue helping Lissa heal and completely recover from this cancer. We are grateful for all the support. 

Update 11/17/2021

Today my mother is going in for her PET/CT scans, prayers needed that they will find that the cancer is gone. Thank you!


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