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On September 12, 2023.  My wife Lisa, a mother of three and with six grandchildren suffered a traumatic bicycle accident on a metro park trail.

While biking on the trail, the wheels of the bike slipped out from under her, and she feel five feet into a ravine.  She landed face first and a five-inch-long tree branch went through her right eye and into her brain.  She was fortunate that two other bikers came upon her minutes later and were able to contact 911.

Since September 12, 2023, Lisa has had three neurosurgical procedures (brain surgeries).  She also has lost the use of her right eye and will have changes in her personality and ability to process information.  The area of the brain that was damaged controls high-level cognition, long-term memory, and more.  Additionally, she will no longer be able to drive due to the loss of the right eye and neuro challenges she is experiencing.

Lisa can no longer work, and I have quit my job to be with her 24/7.

Lisa is on 18 different medications.  Approximately half are anti-bacterial and fungal medications in view of the branch that entered her skull and lodged in her brain.

While she does have medical insurance, the insurance company has related they will not cover her medications once she is released from the hospital.  That means all medications will have to come out of pocket.  Some of the medications to keep her alive are quite expensive.  In one case, a pill she will need to take cost $600!  I am appealing the insurance company’s decision to not support Lisa, but that is a lengthy process, and they may come back with a denial.

Her doctors have continually relate she is extremely fortunate to be alive.  They have never seen an injury like this and are surprised she was not instantly killed.

We are not people that typically ask for support like this, but we really are left with no other options to provide her with the medications and support she will need once released from the hospital.

I will tell you, we never expected to be in a situation like this and we never thought the medical insurance we paid into for so long would not cover her expenses once she is released.

It can happen to any of us…in an instant, our lives can be changed from normal to something you never imagined.

I appreciated your consideration, any support you might be able to offer, and your thoughts and prayers.

Abel Hernandez, Lisa’s husband.


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