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My Request is Due to Shortly after my Retirement I was Diagnosed with COPD as well Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Both of which can be end of life battles in their own right. I by the Grace of God was able to Contact a Very Good Pulmonary Dr. by the name of Nathan M. Do. Mr. Do examined me and first thing changed my Inhaler from BREO to Trelegy 3 in 1 Ellipta this medicine restored my breathing to an acceptable level, with the use of supplemental oxygen. Upon further examination ( heart Catheterization) he discovered. I also had Pulmonary Hypotension as well. And for those that know anything about these two ailments they are both progressive and not repairable in your lungs. However, once again God gives many graces for those that will believe in him. And Dr. Do had a Friend that worked at Tampa General Hospital as a Lung Transplant Surgeon, and his name is Dr. Kapil Patel, WE meet and he had me examined, and came to the conclusion that he believed that he could Save me and install a new set of Lung’s. This is great news because it provides Hope that I may be able to see my youngest granddaughter graduate high school. and my Great Grand son starts 1st grade. I believe I’ve been led to this place and these Doctors for a reason. So if you could please help me Climb this last mountain. Every little bit helps. And also it’s Completely 100% TAX Deductible. Thanks and My God Bless You All. Otis 

To All my Frirnds that have donated to my Fund I say Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. However I received news that TGH feels I’m not a candidate for there program , and recommended me to Miami or Orlando, this has added to the expense and logistics required. So now it’s a balancing act between maintaining my health and making arrangements with either Miami or Orlando to see if I can get on there program. I will and must be realistic this will be a monumental road to hike but I’m determined till my last breath to keep on trying. Thanks for all you’ve done and the prayers and well wishes. 🙏🏿


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