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Hello.  I am fundraising for a young woman named Amanda Veiseth.  I have known Amanda her entire life.  She currently works in an elementary school as a para-professional; and is studying to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education. Amanda is a beautiful young woman.  She is a caring and loving single mother to her son and daughter.  While she brings joy to those in her life, she struggles with an eating disorder. Amanda first experienced problems with eating in high school.  She was able to hide this fact for a very long time.  Eventually, Amanda was not getting enough calories to maintain a healthy weight and realized she needed help.  Since then, in addition to therapy, she has had numerous stays in the hospital.  Despite her many hospital visits, she has not beat this disease successfully. What Amanda needs to overcome her eating disorder is time at a residential treatment facility for eating disorders. There is a facility that has an opening for Amanda.  She is excited to have the opportunity to regain her health. Every avenue has been looked into to have Amanda’s insurance pay for her treatment.  While a hospital stay is paid for, time spent in an eating disorder treatment center is not.  Amanda’s stays at the hospital have not been successful.  As her health is rapidly declining, it is imperative that she gets the appropriate help now. Each day’s cost at the treatment facility is around $900.   Amanda does not have the funds to pay for her treatment.  I am reaching out to ask for help for Amanda’s care.  Any amount, not matter how large or small, will significantly help Amanda. My family and I love Amanda and her children so very much.  They are all blessings from God.  When we learned of Amanda’s struggles, and that she did not know where to turn to for assistance, we decided to help her raise the money she needs for the residential treatment center.  We wish to shower Amanda and her children with financial blessings so they can have a long life together.  Please prayerfully consider helping Amanda on her path to healing.  May God bless you!


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