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In late September of this year, my beautiful cousin Lia Morris, was diagnosed with breast cancer following a routine mammogram. Lia will be undergoing a double mastectomy on December 22nd, with treatment to follow and reconstructive surgery at a much later date. As so many of us know, the cost and effect this disease has on families is not only extremely emotional but also financially draining. Lia and Jon will face major medical expenses that were unexpected, which will impact their family’s life in a big way.

Lia is a mental health therapist who gives everything she has to others. She devotes her talents and time to helping those in need in ways most of us cannot imagine. She has a servant’s heart, much like her parents Richard and Donna Perez and her brother Derrick. Now, Lia faces needs of her own that will pull her away from work as she focuses on her faith, healing and recovery.

Let’s join together to help ease the burden that comes with cancer treatment. Friends and family, we are asking to surround Lia with support not only in prayer, but also financially, if you are able to do so, so that she can focus on healing and her family.

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