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Lexi has been battling a very rare bone cancer, Ewing’s Sarcoma, since Spring 2021.  After a successful trial of chemo, she initially achieved remission, but unfortunately, the cancer has spread.  

Lexi has consented to join a promising drug trial that we all hope will result in remission again.

For cancer patients, treatment is exhausting from a mental, physical and financial standpoint. Lexi’s inability to work and mounting medical bills is putting a tremendous strain on her and her husband. Today, I am asking friends and family for additional financial support. 

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to provide some relief to Lexi and Kash. Monies raised will go towards her medical and living expenses, transportation to and from the hospital, along with other necessities most of us take for granted. Your generosity is deeply appreciated.

Additionally, sending cards, love and emotional support is equally important and I encourage you to reach out to both Lex and Kash, as well as to Lexi’s sister, Lanie, as cancer effects the entire family.

Thank you for rallying around my sweet daughter in her time of need.


Paul (Lexi’s Dad)

PS…If you add emoji’s to your encouraging comments to Lex, they will appear as question marks (?).  


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