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Our friend Nikcole Hotle took a fall and broke her wrist. She ended up needing surgery with a plate being placed to hold bones together. Nikcole is a mom of two, married to Jeremy Hotle and a hair stylist and business owner of Looking Glass Salon here in Washington. With that break Nikcole can not work. She can’t do a lot of things she is used to doing for herself. Including yoga, (we miss you Nikcole!).  If you know Nikcole, you know she won’t be asking for help. She broke her right wrist. This is her dominant hand. She is in a field of work relying completely on being able to physically do the work to offer a service to her loyal customers. Being self employed and not able to work. She awaits word from the surgeon after she gets her stitches out just how long she can expect for recovery. Let’s rise up together and lift this beautiful family with donations that can help right now while they navigate Nikcole needing to be home, resting and healing. Send her words of encouragement and messages. We know how much that means as well. Lift her spirits. Our community is amazing at lifting up when events out of our hands or control happen to our friends and neighbors.



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